Holter Study - Case Study

Holter Study - Case Study


The objective of the study

  • The overall objective of this study is to understand the market trends of Holter devices across Africa.

Key Screening Points

Our team screened valid participants using the following validation process:

  • Search and shortlist executives as per the required criteria using the internal database and other sources.
  • Screen executives using watertight screening criteria and questions over the phone and share their profiles along with their responses to the screening questions for our client's review.

Key Discussion Points

  • Services for Holter devices (interpretation, data analysis, logistics support (pick-up, drop-off, patient assistance)
  • Pricing and key features of the above service offerings
  • Current partnerships, existing workflow, and financial arrangements of service providers
  • Challenges and expectations of Holter monitoring devices

Competitive Players:

  • Understanding the presence of the Holter device's competitors, key customer segments or accounts, current partnerships, and so on.
  • Understanding the inventory channels, current partnerships, product workflows to and from patients, commission and pricing agreements, challenges faced, etc.

Service Providers:

  • Understanding about the services provided by the company such as data interpretation, analysis of data, logistics support - pick up/drop/ patient assistance etc.
  • Understanding about the inventory channels, current partnerships, product workflow to and from patients, pricing and commission agreements, challenges faced, etc.

HBG Solution

  • Our team was able to obtain the required sample.
  • Our team provided daily updates to our clients, including respondent descriptions for their review and reference.

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