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HBG Africa is a catalyst for brands requiring legitimate data. Our delivery centres ensure accurate and reliable consumer and industrial data is extracted for brands, which helps them make timely decisions to accelerate brand growth.

Key Challenges in Africa:

  • There are too many languages spoken throughout Africa. This variety suggests that studies should be conducted in multiple and common languages at the same time.
  • Western African countries have lower literacy levels, with southern African nations being the most literate, which requires dependence upon face-to-face meetings.
  • In most countries in Africa, it is required by law to obtain authorization before performing research.
  • Destitution and the vast number of rural regions are significant difficulties for market research in Africa. Villages occupy most African nations, while the number of urban towns still battles to climb
  • The population in these areas may not be open to new services from outsiders, which stands as a significant barrier.
  • As a result of the variety available in Africa, telecommunications infiltration is still low in many areas. Without access to mobile telephones and the Internet, it would be hard to break into the market without several methodologies.

HBG’s Research Solutions in Africa:

  • We narrow down the target audience to acquire reliable insights according to the client's requirements. Dividing the target audience into smaller portions yields better results.
  • To meet the desired goal, we adopt research methodologies as per the project's convenience and requirements. Our market researchers hold expertise in all the research techniques, such as face-to-face, CATI, online surveys, etc.
  • HBG Africa has extensive knowledge of market research in Africa. Possessing knowledge of the local market is significant in MR data collection; hence, our experience in the local market of Africa will add great value to any research study.
  • Our research teams are trained to extract valuable data from rural and urban areas.
  • HBG Africa can widen the variety of area personnel according to the study requirements.

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Industries we cover

HBG Africa’s delivery centres conduct valuable market research services in diverse niches and industries.
We have a presence in B2B market research. Our expert network is spread across various geographies and verticals.
The sectors we cover include:

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Banking & Finance hbg africa

Banking & Finance

Oil & Gas hbg africa

Oil & Gas

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