Impact of automation technologies in the retail industry

Impact of automation technologies in the retail industry


The objective of the study

Assessing the role of automation technologies in improving customer experience, efficiency and understanding the usage of different technologies to help improve the in-store user experience. Our client wanted to evaluate the impact of new technologies like RFID, facial recognition for product payments and self-checkout, digital aisles, and self-service kiosks within stores on overall efficiency and customer satisfaction in Africa.

Key Screening Points

  • Organizations with 1Billion plus Annual revenue were included.
  • At the director level and above, experts were directly involved in the implementation of automation technologies at retail stores spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The survey included the following retail sub-sectors: electronics, grocery, home improvement, fashion/apparel, and quick service restaurants.

Key Discussion Points

  • Usage of automation technologies in physical retail stores to assess customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Understand retailers’ perceptions of the benefits and challenges of automation technology in stores.
  • Major technologies are being deployed across different geographies for automation in retail stores.
  • How automation can help to solve pain points that customers experience in-store, including long checkout queues, difficulty locating products, and out-of stock products.

HBG Solution

  • Within 3 weeks, HBG team successfully identified, mapped, and conducted interviews using quantitative as well as F2F research methodology.
  • With 100% success rate, HBG team screened and conducted interviews with relevant respondent basis client’s expectations.
  • Our team met the overall quota within the provided timeframe and ensured high quality experts are on-boarded.
  • Data deliverables was shared in Excel and SPSS format which helped our client to move ahead & apprehend the research further.

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