Understanding coffee trends among young consumers

Understanding coffee trends among young consumers


The objective of the study

  • To comprehend coffee trends, young consumers' preferences, and assist the end client in launching a new brand in Africa.
  • Our client is a global consulting firm that wants to understand the coffee trend among young customers.
  • They wanted to help their end customer with this analysis, who has to launch a new brand.

Key Screening Points

  • For this market assessment in Africa, the HBG team interviewed 2500 members of the general population and coffee shop outlets.

Key Discussion Points

  • We conducted research while keeping both demand and supply in mind.
  • We applied our quantitative research technique to understand the trend of coffee consumption among youngsters.
  • For accurate insight, we concentrated on mystery shopping and competitive intelligence.

HBG Solution

  • successfully delivered market insight on the trend of coffee among youngsters.
  • The client was able to successfully help their end client launch a new brand.

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